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Derek Reaves

I’d do anything to get my hands on hockey’s holy grail.

But time’s running out and I’m not getting any younger.

Luckily, we’ve got our best shot at at the Cup in years, thanks to our newest player: a Russian phenom named Niko.

As a seasoned vet, it’s my job to mentor the wild rookie—which means letting him live with me.

But my penthouse gets turned upside down when Niko’s sister, Katerina, flies in for a surprise visit.

Hell, I never even knew Niko had a sister.

Thankfully, Katerina’s nothing like her brother—she can actually speak English.

She’s cute, too.

A man could get lost in her piercing eyes.

Or be tempted to kiss away the eternal pout on her lovely lips.

Or get caught staring when her sweater slips off her shoulder.

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