Dad’s Football Friend

Dad’s Football Friend


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He’s a forty-one-year-old football player. She’s just a twenty-one-year old-college student. Peach and Ryan are the couple that should never have happened.

Peach has convinced herself since she fell in love with Ryan at eighteen years old that she doesn’t stand a chance with the older man she loves…her father’s best friend. It’s a forbidden love, something that has been deemed as just a wild fantasy.

He never looked at her until now. She was always just his best friend’s kid. But seeing her at their one-on-one interview changed his mind forever. Now, he can’t get her out of his head.

While Peach is studying her final journalism semester in Miami, the home of the football team the Sharks, the pair are brought back together again. And when a campus stalker starts to follow Peach around, Ryan is there to pick up the pieces.

But can he allow himself to fall for his best friend’s daughter?

And will this younger woman allow her dad to get in the way of her first time with the older man she always wanted…her dad’s best friend?

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