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Meet the Extrasensory Agents…a team of psychics who can solve the coldest of crimes!
Former Charleston cop Julia Harrington held the man she loved–her partner, her fiance–in her arms after he was shot down in the street. She has never gotten over the loss, and has dedicated her life to making sure other families don’t go through such grief. Her new detective agency, Extrasensory Agents, specializes in solving the coldest of crimes–the long-unsolved murder, the forgotten missing child–and they’re very good at what they do.
Very good.
Because the team of Extrasensory Agents has a lot of skills that make them exceptionally good at crime-solving. Skills like psychic connection, object memory, death sharing, crime visions, and the odd ghost to help along the way.
If you’re not sure you’re ready to explore the very dark but sexy world of the strong and determined agents in their books COLD SIGHT, COLD TOUCH, COLD MEMORY, and COLD IMAGE, this might be a good place for you to start. Here is a 20,000 word collection of five short stories, each focusing on how each agent began as a member of the team.
Note: Two of these stories, Aidan’s and Olivia’s, originally appeared as back-matter extras in COLD SIGHT and COLD TOUCH.

This edition includes three never-before-released stories about Julia Harrington, Derek Monahan, and Mick Tanner!

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